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When it comes to your fireplace, you want to ensure that you get the best heat possible out of your unit. If you choose to purchase a Valor Fireplace, you will be getting radiant heat which comes with many advantages to make it superior to other types of heat.

Q: What is the benefit of radiant heat?

A: Radiant heating is widely regarded as the most comfortable, healthiest, and natural form of heating available. Radiant heat is based in principle on the primary source of heat we have – the sun.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Q: How will the heat distribute through my home?

A: Rather than directly heating the air, Valor radiant gas fireplaces emit heat through the glass and spread warmth as it is absorbed by people and furniture within a room. This is unique compared to hot air systems which simply put warm air into rooms without heating objects.

Radiant warmth is a feature of every Valor gas fireplace. Learn more by clicking here.

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