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When it comes to decorating around and above your fireplace, it can be hard to decide the best option for the room and the household needs. It’s also essential to give your gas fireplace lots of room to ensure proper heating and safety, so a delicate balance is needed when deciding what to hang above your fireplace unit. Luckily, Valor offers an excellent solution for this dilemma with the innovative Heatshift upgrade. Valor Heatshift can help by sending the heat upwards through a hidden duct and then out to heat the room. You won’t have to worry about the safety of what you hang above the fireplace, as the materials surrounding it will stay cool. Keep reading for more tips about what to hang above your fireplace:

Is it safe to mount a television above my gas fireplace?

Some fireplaces are not recommended having a TV or other heat-sensitive materials above them. Gas fireplaces, in particular, put out a fair amount of heat, which in turn can damage some materials. Please read through your owner’s manual or double-check with your local authorized dealer to ensure your fireplace is installed correctly.

One way to ensure that your fireplace and the materials around it stay safe is to consider using the Valor HeatShift System – available on select Valor gas fireplaces. Learn more about HeatShift below.

What is the primary purpose of Valor’s Heatshift Upgrade?

Valor HeatShift transfers convective heat upwards through hidden ducts and directs it back into the room, completely bypassing walls and surface areas around the fireplace.

Heatshift elevates heat naturally using gravity and Valor product ingenuity—no need to use electricity or a fan.

A raised heat outlet improves convection airflow and circulates air back into the room at a higher elevation, reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance. For more information, watch the video below:

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