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It can be quite a significant decision when you decide to make changes or upgrades to your home, and usually, the only thing to ease the dilemma is lots and lots of research. Well, when it comes to choosing your gas fireplace, it should feel easy, especially when you are considering a Valor Fireplace.

In fact, to make the decision less intimidating, we’ve asked some of the most burning questions when it comes to choosing a Valor for your home to help you make that final choice.

Q: How can I decide which fireplace model is best for me?

A: Several variables go into the decision to purchase a new fireplace. For example, are you building or renovating a space? Are you replacing an existing wood or gas fireplace? Perhaps you need a freestanding fireplace for a basement or cold nook? The installation method is a crucial starting point. Furthermore, consider the size of the room you are looking to heat, BTUs, and of course, what kind of fuel the fireplace will use. Depending on your needs or location, you may have to choose between a natural or propane gas hookup.

Discover more about inserts, stoves, or zero-clearance fireplaces by clicking here.

If you are looking for additional guidance on your upcoming home installation, please contact a local authorized Valor dealer to schedule an estimate.

Q: What are the main features of a Valor Fireplace?

A: Every Valor gas fireplace provides efficient, radiant warmth and superior home comfort. On top of the apparent heating advantages, each Valor is equipped with a safety screen, remote control and optional wall switch controls. Depending on your fireplace installation, it’s also a great idea to learn more about HeatShift™, which protects artwork and TV’s by redirecting the heat, or AutoFire™ for gas inserts.

Q: Am I able to customize my fireplace to match my home?

A: Yes! Valor Fireplaces offer a wide array of different log sets, liners, and finishes. To view the available options, please click here.

Try out the Fireplace Design Center to customize your Valor today!

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