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When deciding on the right fireplace for your home and your family, you may find yourself browsing between a number of different options. Customers may consider gas, electric, wood, or even coal fireplaces during their search. While all of these options can provide warmth, a radiant gas fireplace will provide steady, even heat–creating a comfortable ambiance in the room.

Discover why you should consider a gas fireplace in your home, and the associated benefits, by reading below.

Valor L1 See-Thru shown with Driftwood media.


Is a gas fireplace more efficient for my home?

Gas fireplaces are more environmentally friendly and can save you money in the long run. A Valor gas fireplace provides zone heating, delivering the perfect blend of radiant and convective warmth while being more economical and efficient. An efficient Valor zone heater puts warmth directly into the space you wish to heat with virtually no cycling losses.

With a Valor installed in one or more of your main living zones, you can enjoy increased comfort while reducing furnace usage in colder months or eliminating it during warmer Spring and Fall seasons. Our fireplaces allow you to take advantage of zone heating to deliver radiant and convective warmth to the spaces you frequent the most – a great alternative to central heating.


What features can a gas fireplace provide?

A gas fireplace can not only provide energy-savings, but can also offer advanced control options, safety features, and style options for any space.

Most gas fireplaces now offer features such as turndown and pilot shutdown options that take effect if the fireplace has not been used over a period of time. A remote pilot ignition system allows you to easily turn the pilot light on and off, saving on fuel and energy costs.

With a Valor gas fireplace, if the power goes out your fireplace will continue to heat your home. Valor’s do not require electricity or a noisy fan to operate.

With a Valor, we have a fireplace for every space. Learn more about the different product options by visiting our Showroom.


Is a gas fireplace safe?

Safety is a top priority when discussing gas fireplaces. Fireplace surfaces, in particular, the glass viewing window, can reach temperatures of over 500°F at full capacity and will remain hot for a short period of time after the fireplace is turned off.

Knowing this, Valor provides standardized barrier screens on all of our fireplaces, but it is still recommended that close adult supervision is required when there are young children or at-risk individuals in the house. A Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times.

Barrier gates (as shown in the video below) offer an extra layer of safety for small children or pets. Watch below to learn more:

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