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With the summer season around the corner and the warmer temperatures we’ve been seeing, it’s safe to say the home’s outdoor area will be getting a lot of use over the next few months. This is exactly why it is important to consider how to make your outdoor space the most inviting area of the home and create a place that offers a comfortable setting to gather in, whether it be your family members or visiting friends.

One item that will completely level up your backyard space is an outdoor fireplace that will offer radiant heat that will last all year round. If you need a little more convincing on why an outdoor fireplace might be right for you, here you’ll find the answers to your burning questions about why you should consider an outdoor fireplace

What kind of heat does an Valor outdoor fireplace offer?

Every Valor gas fireplace, indoor or out, provides energy-efficient, radiant heat. Other outdoor fireplaces cannot compete when it comes to the performance of our quality-engineered direct vent fireplaces.

Will I be able to use my outdoor fireplace year round?

Yes! Whether you are looking to take the chill off of a summer evening, or warm up during the colder months, your outdoor Valor fireplace provides the heat you and your family need to replace the outdoor chill with comfortable, radiant warmth.

What requirements are needed for installing a outdoor fireplace?

When installing outdoors, please consider the following:

  • Electrical accessories, such as fans or lighting, cannot be used.
  • Install in a weatherproof enclosure with the minimum overhang.
  • Take advantage of the included wall control switch.
  • Valor L1 See-Thru (1600) cannot bridge an indoor and outdoor space.
  • Cast iron fronts are not recommended for outdoor usage.
  • The fireplace must always be situated and connected to a fixed piping system.

How much maintenance is involved?

Annual servicing and maintenance is recommended to ensure your fireplace continues to function at an optimal level. For more information about cleaning and maintenance, please click here.

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