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Introducing the New and Improved Retrofire

The Retrofire insert was designed to “retro-fit” existing masonry and wood burning fireplaces, and can even accommodate unique and challenging arched or uneven facings. The Retrofire will install in small spaces without the need of closure plates or traditional insert surrounds. Once installed, the Retrofire easily convects and radiates soothing heat. Some describe it as a direct vent, high efficiency gas log.

To keep this unique product fresh and innovative, we offer the following exciting upgrades for 2018.

New Engines

The new engines offer both Direct Vent & B-Vent options and are available in Natural Gas and Propane. Taking a page from the Valor Portrait series insert, the Retrofire has 2 Direct vent options – Co-axial and Co-linear. This will mean the Retrofire can fit even smaller chimneys.

New Fuel Beds

The Retrofire will now utilize the same burner found within the Madrona Series – providing customers with two new fuel bed choices in Driftwood & Traditional Log.

Higher Efficiencies

The P4 Energuide numbers are now substantially higher. For example, the Co-linear version equipped with Valor’s exclusive AutoFire™ system is now at 64.20% while the co-axial is 70%.

Choose Your Retrofire

A new page has been developed to differentiate the 2 Retrofire engines. Choose between insert or zero clearance installations to get started.

Click here to choose your Valor Retrofire.

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