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    Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Home

    It can be hectic to try and go out on Valentine’s Day as everyone is out and the reservation list is usually full. So instead of fighting the crowds, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your own home where you won’t find a line up and the menu is up to you! Keep reading to learn how to celebrate Valentines day at home: Dinner & A MovieYou can’t go wrong with dinner and a movie, especially when it’s in the comfort of your own home. Plan for an evening of takeout and rented movies or spend the evening cooking together and watching your favorite films. Whatever type of evening you…

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    Where To Purchase A Valor Fireplace

    Ever wondered where you can purchase, view, or even just feel the warmth of a Valor Radiant Gas Fireplace? Valor does not sell their products online, but rather works with an authorized dealership network throughout North America. Each Valor Fireplace is sold via an authorized dealer network across Canada & the United States. Providing quality installations and aftermarket service, Valor dealers ensure that owning a Valor Fireplace is an enjoyable experience. Why Doesn’t Valor Sell Online? Some wonder why we don’t just sell our fireplaces online. Unfortunately buying online does not assure a qualified, safe installation or aftermarket servicing. Hidden costs, improper installations and bad service are just a few…

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    Must Have Animal Inspired Decor

    Animal inspired decor has made big waves in the home design world recently as it is a combination of a modern look with a little splash of fun.  You can find anything from lamps to statues to rugs to even wall decor that stands out above the rest. The key is to find pieces that mix in well with your current style and decor and not to overwhelm your space with too many of the same items. Once you’re ready to decorate, the next part is choosing your favorite pieces and work them into your home. Click each description to learn more:  

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    Valor Fireplaces & Houzz

    The internet is full of places to find inspiration when you are remodelling your home, redesigning or even if you are just looking for a few simple ideas. Sometimes, all the information can be overwhelming and it can be really hard to narrow down what you’re looking for and what fits your taste the best. So where do you start? One popular website for inspiration and ideas is Pinterest.  Pinterest acts an online bulletin board where you pin your best ideas and keep them in organized collections. If you haven’t already, make sure to visit Valor Fireplaces over on our Pinterest or check out our latest post showing off some of…