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We wanted to offer a huge thank you to everyone who attended HPBExpo 2019 in Dallas, TX! The show was a great success for Valor Fireplaces as we introduced a number of new products and innovations, as well as a brand new booth.

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New Booth

This year we introduced an all-new 40′ x 40′ booth for HPBExpo that featured brand new graphics and messaging related to an updated brand direction, new products, and past innovations. The goal was to provide an overall look at Valor as a company, our history and where we are going in the future.

All New Burners

Our new stainless steel burner program is chock full of innovation—the enhanced flames and glowing embers maximizing radiate warmth efficiently. The burners share similar features of Stainless Steel construction, outside-the-firebox air adjustment for ease of setup, improved LP performance and multi-sided porting to produce richly hued, radiant glow amidst hyper-realistic logs.

Look out for the new burners to be integrated into our future products throughout 2019!

See you in 2020!

HPBExpo will be held in New Orleans in 2020 and we can’t wait to showcase all of the latest and greatest from Valor Fireplaces. See you then Valor fans!

For more information please visit https://hpbexpo.com/

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