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We at Miles Industries are saddened to hear of the loss of our great friend Jack Williams at the age of 92. Jack, who was always well dressed, is pictured here on the left with Garry Miles back in the early days of Valor in North America. Jack had worked with Garry since 1967 in the Industrial HVAC business for Temprite Industries, a company he co-founded, before starting Valtech Heating Ltd in 1984. At that time, Jack hired and mentored Paul Miles and together they started the Valor network for Ontario where Jack was instrumental in pioneering the gas fireplace market.

Jack retired in 1996 and Miles Industries bought out Valtech and continue to supply many of the dealers Jack introduced to Valor in the 80’s. Jack continued to live in the heart of his hometown Toronto and is survived by his wife Alice.

We will miss Jack and his dry humor and wit. Jack was a true gentleman.

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  1. Miles’s family was always surrounded by gentlemen,,being themself real gentlemen, with high respect for others..

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