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Welcome to Valor Fireplace’s Lifestyle Blog! If you’ve been here before you may have seen our past content and exciting blog posts, but if this is your first time we invite you to explore. Valor’s lifestyle blog covers everything from home and design, decor, food and recipes and the latest news in the fireplace industry.

Now, if your an avid blog follower you may have already found us on social media, but if you haven’t we invite you to follow along. Valor is on many social media channels and by following along with us you will be the first to know about new products, company announcements and our latest blog post.


If you love home and design, you may have spent some time on Pinterest. This is one of the most visual forms of social media that allows you to create collections of things you love and gather them in one place.  So for example, if you are looking into purchasing a Valor Fireplace, you could create a fireplace Pinterest board that would keep all of your pictures in one place. It will even show you prices, where to find the product and show you real in home settings to give you an idea of what your fire might look like. So next time you go to pin something, make sure to check out Valor on Pinterest for some firey inspiration.


Most of everyone you meet is on Facebook and if you’re not on it yet, maybe you should consider joining. Not only can you keep up with your friends and family, you can also see the latest and greatest from Valor Fireplaces. All of our updates, new posts and new product releases will show up on Facebook so you never miss a beat.


While Twitter may seem similar to Facebook, you will see some big differences when you join each platform. The idea behind Twitter is that you get all the information and updates you want but in a few sentences rather than having to read a full post. Of course, you’re able to read more if you want to but the idea is you get all the info you need without the fuss. Valor Fireplaces is on Twitter and can offer you those quick and real-time updates, with a simple swipe of your finger and a follow.


For those who prefer pictures over words, Instagram is the perfect place for you to be. Instagram makes photos and videos the centre of attention and allows you to scroll through and see exactly what you’re looking for. By following Valor on Instagram you will be able to see beautiful installs, our newest videos and announcements for new products and parts.


Last but certainly not least, if you haven’t checked out Valor Fireplaces on Youtube, now is the time! Youtube is the home to all of our videos which cover topics such as the history of Valor, details on our best features and a close look at the inside of our fireplaces. This is the best place to find great content and get a true look at how Valor Fireplaces really work.

If you haven’t already, make sure to join us on the above social media profiles so you never miss an announcement or a new post!

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