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Did you know that Valor Fireplaces has several social media accounts that give you exclusive, behind the scenes look at what goes on at Valor? Valor has several social media accounts that provide our followers with updates about our new and existing products, sneak peeks of new products, and, most importantly, a social connection to your favorite fireplace manufacture. If you aren’t already a follower, read below to see what you might be missing out on!


Our Valor Facebook page is a fantastic resource with information pertaining directly to you and your Valor Fireplace. If you aren’t already a subscriber to our lifestyle blog, you will receive up to date highlights of each post on your Facebook feed, so you never miss out! Another great feature with our fan Facebook page is you will be able to see exclusive photos from our latest photoshoots, Valor events, and fireplace updates from consumers all over the world! Last but certainly not least, our Facebook page allows you to connect with us directly no matter where you are in the world. Don’t miss anything else, and join us over at Valor Fireplaces Facebook page.


Twitter is an excellent system for keeping up with your favorite companies and people while you are on the go! Valor Fireplaces has an exciting and informative twitter page that will keep you regularly informed of what’s new and upcoming in 140 characters or less. You will be able to see quick updates on new products and behind the scenes photos, no matter where you are during the day. Our Twitter page also allows you to tweet directly to Valor Fireplaces to share your thoughts or questions in real-time. Follow us today and tweet us some love at @ValorFireplaces


So no matter where you are or what you’re doing, joining us on social media will keep you up to date with all things Valor and make sure you never miss a post!

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