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While instruction manuals might be something you usually just throw in the nearest drawer, your Valor Fireplace’s manual contains important safety, servicing, and future reference material. We highly suggest reading your manual before the initial operation to learn about the many benefits and features of your Valor Fireplace.

What can I learn from my manual?

  • Fireplace safety information – barrier screens, viewing glass & more
  • Lighting instructions
  • Fireplace operation methods
  • Cleaning your fireplace
  • Checking pilot and burner flames
  • Remote & wall switch operation
  • Replacing the batteries in your remote or receiver
  • Fireplace servicing
  • What to do if you smell gas
  • Wall clearances & other dimensional information
  • Fireplace Warranty information/card

Have you lost or misplaced your manual?

If you have lost your fireplace’s manual, don’t fret! We house all of our new and archived manuals on our Owner’s Manual section of the website. Learn more by visiting valorfireplaces.com/manuals.

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