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Valor Fireplaces Smart Features: Six Hour Turndown

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If you have a Valor Fireplace installed in your home already, you might already know all about the innovative smart features that are included with your Valor Fireplace. If you don’t have a Valor Fireplace yet or if you’re wanting more details on Valor’s smart features you’re in the right place! Every Valor Fireplace comes packed with smart features, helping your fireplace know exactly what will keep your family and yourself most comfortable.

One of the stand out smart features Valor includes, is the 6 hour automatic flame turn down. The automatic feature comes into play when there is no remote communication with the fireplace for 6 hours or if there is no change in flame height. This feature can really benefit the whole household as it will keep everyone in the house comfortable. This smart feature help reduce the chance of overheating everyone in the home and it is also a great feature if you end up being out of the house for longer then planned as your Valor will automatically turn down to pilot mode after 6 hours. For more information, please watch the 6 hour turn down feature video below:

As an added bonus, the remote included with every Valor Fireplace also has some extra great features such as temperature control and the option to add a timer. This option will let you control how your fireplace runs whether it is day or night.  You can customize your Valor Fireplace to run as efficiently as possible and base it all around your schedule and home life! For more information on Valor Fireplace’s smart features, please visit the information page here.

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