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Valor’s Latest Videos

As we continue to grow our online presence and content for 2015, Valor has also been hard at work creating new videos for our customers and dealer network. The goal is to ensure that each fireplace series has a “burning flame” video that articulates what the fire would look like in a home setting. These type of videos help our end users envision if that specific fireplace will match the rest of their home’s design & decor.

As 2015 continues, expect several new videos to be added including educational videos for our latest remote control system, fireplace/tv installations and much more!

Below is a collection of Valor’s latest videos:

Legend G4 Insert Series – Driftwood & Murano Glass Fires

Legend G4 Insert Series – Driftwood Firebed

Legend G3.5 Insert Series – Rock Fire

Ventana Series – Logs with Inca liner

Madrona Traditional Series – Log Fire

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