• Home Design & Decor

    3 Creative Ways To Use Picture Frames

    Picture frames have been around forever, framing pictures of our loved ones, our home, and our favorite moments in life. But have you ever considered other uses for picture frames? It takes a little creativity and maybe a little elbow grease, but the results are well worth it as frames can be super versatile. Whether you have an old weathered frame with no place to go or just an excess of picture frames, don’t throw them out just yet! Check out the 3 ways below to creativity use picture frames around the home: DIY Custom TV Frame This is such a creative way to hide some unsightly cords and wires,…

  • Valor Products

    Featured Product: Portrait President

    The Portrait President fireplace from Valor is an ideal solution when building into a smaller room space as the fireplace itself only measures 11″ deep and 26″ wide. The smaller design allows for the stunning Valor flames within to encompass the entire viewing window, while providing amazing radiant and convective heat. The heat provided is ample for both small and large spaces! President Features Programmable ValorStat Plus remote Heats without electricity Modulating Flame Standard safety barrier screen Insert approved! President Freestanding Model To go along with the zero-clearance President, Valor also provides a freestanding model known as the President Freestanding. The freestanding offering was crafted with detail and inspired by…

  • Home & Lifestyle

    4 Ways To Maximize Storage In Your Home

    Storage and space can be a hard thing to come by within our homes, apartments and condos. Most places now a days come compact with lack of storage or if there is storage it isn’t the most practical when it comes to your needs. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to fix this issue and create storage spaces and areas that are actually functional and catered to you. It usually calls for us to look at our space in a different way to really figure out what would work best, once you do this you’ll be able to maximize the space you do have without going into major renovation…

  • Valor News

    Customer Support

    When you purchase a Valor fireplace through an authorized dealer, we believe optimum customer care occurs through our qualified dealer and distributor locations. Valor is committed to providing our customers with the strongest support necessary, and through our dealer network and the information below, we believe we can achieve just that! Locating a Valor authorized dealer For general inquiries, including those about installation, pricing, and operation, customer support & more please contact your local authorized Valor dealer. It’s quite easy to locate the nearest authorized Valor dealer in your area. Simply enter your postal/zip code by clicking here and a list of dealers will be presented to you, complete with…

  • Food & Recipes

    Decadent Chocolate Chip Dip

    If your looking for a delicious and decadent treat to serve at your next party or gathering, look no further! This dessert is not only a fun twist on a standard baked good, it will transport you back to the times when mom made cookies and all you wanted was a little taste of uncooked cookie dough. That’s right, we are talking about creating a decadent chocolate chip cookie dough dip that is served with a dipping companion of your choice, or you can eat it just as it is! However, we do suggest trying to serve this dip with pretzels, ginger snaps or even graham crackers as it will…

  • Fireplace Information

    Importance of Adjustable Heat

    All Valor heaters are designed with variable heat controls, allowing each individual user to choose their desired temperature for that specific space. Often we see other fireplaces offering similar options, but you would be surprised at how much of the competition can only be turned down very little or not at all. Valor’s wide operating range and ease of adjustment allows you to match the heat output to the heat required providing maximum use and enjoyment. Keep in mind that a fireplace with a huge BTU rating with limited turn down is just another furnace and will not provide a Comfort Zone. Controlling Your Valor Fireplace For further information on…

  • Home Design & Decor

    Nautical Inspired Decor

    It can be really fun to change the theme or feel of different rooms in your home. Whether that means a new paint color on the wall or some new decor pieces, even the smallest change can make a huge difference! One trendy theme that can coordinate perfect with the summer is nautical! Bringing a nautical theme into your home can refresh your space and will allow you to play around with bold patterns and even some rustic touches, to create the perfect decor balance. Bold Walls When we think about a nautical or ocean inspired theme, we see a lot of dark blues, greens and even a punchy red…

  • TV & Collaborations

    Love It Or List It Monday’s

    A NEW episode of Love It or List It Vancouver will air tonight at 10pm on the W Network and will feature a stunning Valor fireplace! Julie & Bernard will have to choose between a beautiful re-design of their home from Jillian Harris, or an entirely new home showcased to them by Todd Talbot. What will they choose? Tune in to the W Network at 10pm on Monday to find out! And don’t fret if you miss the initial airing, this episode will be on rotation to ensure everyone can watch, learn and enjoy.

  • Home & Lifestyle

    How To Keep Cool This Summer

    As we are in the midst of a hot, hot summer it can be extra hard to stay cool during those muggy days and nights.  Sleeping becomes more difficult with the rising temperatures and often just being indoors can be too hot to handle! So what is the best solution? If you have an air conditioner or fan, obviously these can really help to cool your home, but you may need to get more creative if those items alone don’t cut it! Luckily, we have gathered some easy and creative ways to keep cool during this wonderful season and they might just help you enjoy the summer a little bit…

  • Food & Recipes

    Homemade, 2 Ingredient Ice Cream

    When the sun is shining bright and the temperatures are breaking records, it’s important to keep ourselves cool! A great way to do that is to make your own ice cold treats that the whole family can enjoy. Ice cream is a fan favorite treat that almost everyone loves, so why not create your own ice cream at home? Not only is it super easy, it will only call for a few basic ingredients and hardly any effort! Check out the recipe below to learn how to make your own homemade, 2 ingredient ice cream: Ingredients Needed: Frozen Bananas Peanut Butter (Or a similar alternative) Optional Ingredients: Chocolate Chips Frozen…